I felt the urge to take a few minutes and reach out to you beautiful BOSS LADIES regarding all that’s running through my mind and life right now and how relevant and realistic it is in your lives as well.

We always love to feel accompanied in the “journey” to what we define as success. I want to share a quick story:

I moved to Miami recently, and before arriving I thought to myself, how cool would it be to be able to join or meet a “community” of women entrepreneurs, whom come together to support each other as sisters, a place to network and just “BE.” I was caught in one of those vicious cycles on IG where you start clicking and clicking, and you kind of transport yourself (you all know exactly what I am talking about LOL) and BOOM! There it was- and before I say the name, let me tell you it’s the cutest MOST relevant name- Las Comadres- How much of an “inner circle of sisters” does this make you feel? And right at that point it was open registration, so I jumped on the opportunity and it has been the best feeling to “belong” and for it to be real and sincere with this group of women!

Currently, I am trying to define my path, and while defining my path I want to distinguish my purpose, because “THIS” is what I will be holding onto dear and tight throughout this process. I am super clear about my interests, my passion, what I love, what I want, I just don’t have a clear vision as to “HOW.”

I have been taking full advantage of the incredible directory of Las Comadres and hope to continue to nourish my brain as we finalize 2019 and move into 2020.

Here are 3 main steps I am currently taking to “define my path":

  • TAKE ACCOUNTABILITY: This project of accountability was presented by Las Comadres and it is so “on target” with what I need. It’s a smaller group (consists of 3-4 members) where we communicate on any given platform (iMessage, What's App, etc.) and we send our top goals/accomplishments we would like to achieve weekly, these are sent on Monday mornings. Great way to start our week and receive the support from our accountability Comadres to keep us going. Throughout the week, we give each other feedback, where we are and what we have accomplished. Once a month, we meet in person, over coffee, happy hour, lunch, etc. really what works for everyone in the group. This is a good space for one-on-one attention to detail to our real-life situations and connecting on another level with our Comadres. Overall it is MAGICAL.

  • REACH OUT TO THAT DIRECTORY: There are over 150 women in our community of Las Comadres, and we have a directory, how amazing is this?? Personal one-on-one contact and connection with inspirational women, women who are at your disposal to support you! I have been contacting and meeting at least once a week with fellow Comadres. I don’t know about you ladies, but I take in EVERYTHING about one’s purpose, it’s totally motivational to me to hear how you made your dream possible, what did you do, who did you talk to? There’s so much to take about one’s story, to learn and adapt where needed. This is the time to do it. Also, not every woman in Las Comadres is already an “entrepreneur” some are working their 9-5, busy being a mom, a wife and handling a million other things while trying to keep themselves motivated to keep going on their dreams to one day leave their 9-5, and this is where I am.

This community has helped me tremendously to feel empowered to keep going and believe in myself!
  • BLOG IT OUT: For me, there’s nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than writing in my happy place- This blog was launched as a place where I, where Gelly can just “BE” with no judgment. A space to share my process with you BOSS LADIES, where I can feel connected to you guys. I will be sharing my journey as I go, because I learned from one fellow Comadre this past week, we must “keep going” when we have an idea just keep going, because throughout the process you don’t know what ideas you can come up with or who you will connect that will bring you into another opportunity.

Everything is connected!

Right now, I feel a bit overwhelmed, but I received an email from Gaby Guzman (Our head madrina) and it couldn’t have reached with better timing. “Timing” that’s a whole other beast, we can talk about another day. The message was “you have to let it get a little messy” within a few other underlying messages. We must trust the intentions, trust the process, trust the vision, and understand that throughout this process it will not ALL be perfect. But this is OK. Therefore, I reiterate finding our purpose and the “why” we are building this dream because, in those tough days, we hold tight and stay true to our purpose.

Once we learn to trust the process and let go, the universe will work wonders to create the right path to our journey.


Posh Palma