Allow me to Style you with Confidence

In honor of our “Confidence Workshop” today, I wanted to invite you to better understand my relationship with “confidence.”

It’s been a struggle for me from the beginning to not fall into the feeling of comparing myself to others in every aspect. That feeling that I need to fit into a society based on a specific profile due to my industry is everlasting.

The word trust is also another link to my understanding of what can evolve into confidence. But what I have learned throughout the years is that confidence is something we need to build with one’s self. It comes from within. It’s a work in progress and definitely linked to your mental state and in conjunction with your frequency and energy.

We are all born with unique DNA and special skills, our duty is to find a way to enhance it and use it to propel you towards greater heights of expertise. Confidence is something we can acquire with time, we can practice being confident while staying true to you and continuing being authentic.

Keep in mind this is all relatable with what I mentioned earlier, frequency and energy.

For us #jefas to be confident and share our knowledge and expertise with others, we must first work on ourselves. Self-doubt is something that can trouble each and every one of us, it’s a matter of practicing and controlling your thoughts.

Knowing that every moment we are placed in, we must accept and know it needed to happen to take you on the right step towards your journey.

It’s important we evaluate our image and love ourselves starting by working internally and moving to the external- which is our style!

Allow your image to influence and empower others around you!

A woman, who feels good in her skin, owns it, and believes in herself, is unstoppable!

I invite you all to let me in and allow me to conduct a 30-min consultation on your image and style. I can be the small push towards a greater YOU, styled by ME!


Posh Palma