Enamorate de Amano!

Updated: Mar 6

As I walked the Fashion Festival in Coral Gables a few weeks back, I was in love with so many local artisans, the creativity was vibing with me in all ways, but there was one vendor that truly stuck with me. I chatted a bit with her; she was so descriptive and educated about her brands and the process behind the scenes.

A few days later she reached out to me and it was another sign from the universe when you connect with someone and their work, how somehow it comes back to form part of your journey.

I am so antsy to announce another fun collaboration featuring Posh Palma and Amano Artisans! I visited the store in The Falls, fell in love with all of the products, yet one collection stood out quite a bit.

It was the orange peel by Calamarie.

Calamarie is a social project inspired by one basic belief, that their purchases can change the world. Through collaboration between artists in the US and artisans in Colombia, we create eco-chic, unique, wearable art made with love.

One of the coolest things is that they use natural and recycled materials like discarded orange peels that are collected from street juice vendors and hand-painted seeds and nuts.

Keep in mind that when you shop #AmanoArtisans you are not just buying beautifully curated jewelry; you are helping artisans support their families. These artisans true essence is to ensure the traditions and customs of thousands of years are never lost in translation. At the same time, Amano Artisans is sustainable; you can make sure your purchase is helping preserve the environment.

This was a collaboration in which I followed my heart.

Carolina is a genuine soul, full of knowledge, creativity, hunger, and determination among many other qualities. I connected instantly with her, her brands and her vision. The fact that each piece has a story to tell is remarkable. I invite each and every one of you Jefa’s to her store at The Falls. I will be live today, on-location showing you all just how amazing it is! TUNE IN!!!

Remember Jefa’s supporting local women business owners only empowers our community and us! TOGETHER we are stronger!

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