Farewell to 33, Calling IN 34!

As I choose my title for this post, I can’t bare but to smile. Life has a funny way of surprising us, of conspiring FOR us.

I don’t want to dwell much on 33 as it was a rough year, I like to look at it as a year of key learnings, a year that built me and prepped me for the wonderful things that are coming my way at 34.

Within the past two months I have met key people in my life, whom I feel 100% were placed for a reason and with a purpose. A purpose so strong with determination to allow me to feel assurance in opening myself as a person to what this world has to offer ME- Gelly as an individual.

As a little girl, I use to run around with jewelry, rollers on my head, heels and a red lipstick always thinking everything Fashion. I have dreamt of pursuing what I love and not fear what could come out of it. Because when you do what you love, and accept all the signs the universe sends your way, it truly is magical!

I have started to build a network of Comadres and real friendships with women who want to hear my story, my journey and who all they want to do is support because they already believe in me. Do you ever ask yourself “Why are we so tough on ourselves?” But we are so quick to ease into helping a friend, a cousin, an aunt, a parent, a spouse with the most positive energy, with love, affection and acceptance.

I am evolving to the point that I feel the puzzles in my life are all slowly but surely coming together.

It’s a bit scary when I have conversations with people, opportunities arise and projects just flow, because it's natural, genuine and it’s my passion. One friend recently said to me “It’s going to be crazy how many opportunities will come your way now that you have opened yourself up to opportunities.” SO powerful! You know you are on the right track when you don’t want to waste the hours of sleep because you want to keep going. When time is irrelevant. It’s a beauty!

In love and spirit of turning 34, I thought it would be a cute exercise to jot down the first 34 words that come to mind about me, what I love and where my future is headed:


  2. Fun

  3. Happy

  4. Energetic

  5. Positive

  6. Optimistic

  7. Empowered

  8. Loving

  9. Smart

  10. Determined

  11. Dancing

  12. Reading

  13. Writing

  14. Taking Pictures

  15. Traveling

  16. Sewing

  17. Styling

  18. Healthy Lifestyle

  19. Working Out

  20. Going to Events

  21. Networking

  22. Coffee

  23. Soda

  24. Chocolate

  25. Entrepreneur

  26. Event Production

  27. Fashion Influencer

  28. Attend Fashion Week at every major city

  29. Giving back to the community

  30. Being a Mommy

  31. Loving my Husband

  32. Family Bonding

  33. Seramore- Creating my own boutique here in Miami

  34. Posh Palma- Success of my blog!

Boss Ladies and Queens let’s get rid of all that self-doubt we carry mixed with a crazy amount of anxiety and take a chance, “Why not bet on you?” It’s a win-win if you think about it.

You control you! I want to express with you guys how ready I am to cultivate my dream, to live it, to share it and to have nothing hold me back- because this is my calling and this is my year.


Posh Palma

Photo credits: Adriana Brito

Outfit: Fashion Corner Miami

Shoes: Sam Edelman

Glasses: Diff Eyewear