Free and Feeling better than Ever…

To all my women out there, those who know me and those who are new to my space that I can describe as a “judge free” zone I am back, no longer “Littlepinkpalmtree” now the new and fresh “Posh Palma.” I took a few years off writing due to many different reasons, one being a new addition to the family, mommy of 2 now, moving to a new city and dealing with the struggles of industry standards. I feel a new woman, one with a more centralized point of view regarding my writing. I’ve defined my writing as a moment of bliss for me, I enjoy it, I let it flow, it’s purely joyful and allows me to de-compress at any given moment. I hope to count on all you women for support, and I promise to bring you content and topics where we could all relate on one platform!

What do I want out of this project, I call my “passion”:

Currently, I want to live my project with a more “fun” perspective. Due to my tight schedules, trying to hold a regular job, do my best at being a mommy, be an amazing wife, have social time, workout, network and launch my new project - I want to let it flow, sometimes I might write more, other times I might deliver content because I feel its super cute and important to my readers BUT I will stand strong and confident that this will work this go around and I am not giving up. My idea is to bring my FAB women content, more fashion related, sometimes lifestyle, places I go, cute ideas to catch inspiration, styling tips etc. While building a base of followers via my blog and social media platforms, I want to start consulting as a fashion stylist. This is very important and dear to my heart because I have learned that we should always put ourselves as number one, two and three priority. Everything and everyone come and go, and your work here in this life is what will stand by you at all times, and this is my dedication to you guys, for you and for ME!

Free and Feeling better than Ever…

Basic? Absolutely NOT, who said Fashion was about being basic… It’s a form of expression, a form of art, a form to showcase who you are, what you love. I like to have my writing revolve around an outfit, an inspiration, a piece I believe in. This time around it was white tulle. What’s girlier than tulle? And for my debut I needed a statement piece. This is more of an impulse buy, maybe not a closet staple piece, but definitely a great piece to have to dress up or beach it up. It also reflects a bit of where I am in my life, living more Bohemian, more carefree, living the moment and enjoying to love my body and myself after my two babies. Think of this piece, as not only your end of summer look, but also your “going away for the holidays” somewhere tropical? Resort time? How badass would you look with this white piece after a nice tan? I promise you will be turning heads with this look, pair it with bright accessories and a RED lip.

I am eager to hear from you women, please join me in my new space. I am super excited to receive feedback, know what you ladies want to see more/less of. This is an everlasting project, which is open to tweak to perfection based on you guys. Thank you for the opportunity to express myself freely to you women, and let’s connect always, even on a more personal level. Us women need the support and accountability as we try to achieve our career goals.


Posh Palma