Imagine That

Wow JEFA’S it’s been a while since I sat and took the time to do one of the things that fill me with so much joy, which is to write freely and connect with you all. This pandemic has hit me very hard, being in quarantine as a mommy of 2 has been extremely challenging.

Most of my days I have been spending them trying to stay sane and inject some positivity into my mental health. I am a person who already suffers from anxiety and our current state of being has only spiked it up even more.

First week of distance learning I was determined to make it perfect, even if that meant stressing my own baby boy. Cooking meals, picking up the house, trying to shower, be creative with the kids, controlling TV time, working out, working on my own projects, which as you all know started only last month: it’s all been very exhausting.

As we wrapped up the first week, I received a text from a special someone regarding distance learning which changed my life.

In a nutshell, we need to accept the fact that our kids also feel the stress and pressures of what’s going on in the world, they to need their time to adjust to the “new norm” the fact that they miss their friends, all they need from us as parents is love and affection, the assurance that this too shall pass and we can’t be rigid and forceful because their kids they will pick it right back up academically when the time is right.

During the weekend, I took the time to play my favorite music, dismantle my mood board, and re-organize my personal home office, it was the most relaxing thing I have done since this craziness started. I truly believe while we are practicing social distancing and trying to remain sane and engaged, taking the time to re-organize the space that sparks creativity and inspires us as the true JEFA’S should be a project to consider.

This is why I have put together a super fun, cute and stylish style guide for home office décor including storage:

- Super cute color to store all of your office necessities

- Make sure we keep all of our legal documents, contracts, paper trails stored in a fun space!

- Always great to express daily messages and make them visible to us

- We need to encompass greenery and nature indoors, how adorable are these succulent holders! We can personalize with our fav plants

- How adorable, the stylish paper clips

- A fun lamp is always needed for those late nights or early morning birds

- So much cute stationery to choose from!

Aside from these links which I believe definitely cause a great impact is candles and magazines. For me any tropical scent, including coconut, mango, pineapple, etc. all make me feel beachy which is the place I feel the happiest in, so I want to make sure and reflect that in my personal space. I created my mood board out of magazine clippings, I also love to collect them, use them throughout my home as décor and as props for shoots. They are very multi-purposeful for Posh Palma.

I felt if I was going to send out a shopping guide, it was one full of intention and purposeful, while we stay indoors. Remember, try to stay in some routine while we are quarantined, including looking fabulous while we work in our personal spaces. And if we wake up not so fab, it’s also ok, most of us are experiencing this for the first time and our mental health is the priority. I am with you JEFA’S!


Posh Palma