Koo-KOO for Coconuts!

I must say there have been many moments this month thus far where I have felt beyond “overwhelmed,” and I continue to struggle on the power of saying NO!

Between holiday festivities, school events for both of my babies, to work functions, networking events and focusing on my projects for 2020- I have been a bit stressed and it definitely is taking a toll on me physically and mentally.

With that said, I wanted to write up a quick blog/review on one of my ultimate favorite go-to products, which literally resolves my previously mentioned stress provokers. First and foremost, I am not being compensated by the brand, I am doing this on my own because truly the product is remarkable and deserves the recognition.

I found out about this brand when I interned one summer for Miami Swim Week a few years ago and it was love at first sight. KOPARI it is!! This brand all in all is known for its all-natural vegan products. My #1 product is the Organic Coconut Melt:

I literally use this product for everything, I mean everything. I use it on my hair, as a treatment, when I go tanning, as a skin brightener, on my belly when I was pregnant, for shaving purposes, my eyelashes, makeup remover, literally it’s my all-over hydration product and it promotes healthy skin and hair growth. Kopari calls this product “the holy grail of coconut oil” and this couldn’t be more on target based on my proven results. It is offered in two sizes, I own both. The large one I keep at home and it lasts quite a while due to its intensity in small portions. The small one you can use to travel.


I challenge each and every one of you to try this- Over 900 FIVE STAR Reviews! You can still go in and shop to receive before Christmas with expedited shipping and not to mention it can be an AMAZING #Xmasgift.

Please share with me your experience- I know you #bossladies will be beyond pleased! And once you get addicted to this product, they offer an array of products including body care, skincare, and personal care.

Hasta pronto,

Posh Palma