Meet me at the corner of Bold and Staple

Valentine’s Day is here, and I wanted to send out a quick blast with cute outfit ideas ranging from bold to staples pieces that you can plug together from your existing wardrobe.

I know many of us when it comes to a holiday, we try not to be cliché or purchase outfits we can only wear once.

Now let’s be honest nowadays this is becoming even more difficult because it’s all about the content on social media and being photographed with the same outfit might not be the most ideal situation.

This is why we stick to key colors, staple prints or accessories to accent the occasion. Whether you are planning a “date night” with your partner at some swanky high-end bar or restaurant, or you have a fab-u-lous Galentine’s night planned with Netflix and Sweets, there is a look for you that fits your needs while feeling confident and sexy.

Keep in mind, I made sure to choose outfits you could either interchange with other pieces or you would definitely re-use for other occasions.

Own it JEFA! I am super big on holidays and my King has adapted very well. I will be walking through my day on Friday with you all; he has planned a few activities for us! I am so excited. I invite you Jefa’s to share with me what your plans are, regardless if you are staying in or not, I want to hear it all!

Here's a quick list of Valentines Day outfits ideas:

  1. Soft, beautiful and romantic look

  2. Let's be flirty and fun!

  3. Versatile and Sexy

  4. Drop, dead GORG!

  5. Comfy in my Skin!

  6. Let's go with the super trendy

  7. Multi-purpose yet Fierce!

  8. I Run This!

  9. Preppy and Cute!

  10. Western meets Boho!

Xoxo, Posh Palma