Oh Hi Cold Front!

Well I know it’s winter in most places, and you are all enjoying wearing beautiful chunky sweaters and trendy outerwear pieces (I AM JEALOUS- JUST FOR THE CLOTHING, NOT THE WEATHER), but here in Miami we have a cold front starting today for a total of 2 DAYS.

So I was super inspired to head to my happy place, be super girly and talk FASHION STYLING. One of my favorite trends on the runway for Fall/Winter 2019-2020 was the use of oversized detailing/padding on the shoulders. This trend can be implemented on various apparel pieces from jackets, dresses, blazers to shirts etc. I know some of you may think it’s a bit too trendy but remember there are pieces by different brands that incorporate the same trend in a minimalistic way.

I wanted to send along a few styling tips when it comes to this trend:

Wear it to Work: Be Bold! You can wear this trend and adapt to any office attire. A pair of great jeans or dress pants with a solid tee and a blazer with oversized padded shoulders and some embellishments.

Flaunt for an Event: You can go all out fierce and wear a blazer style dress with detailed work on the shoulders, maybe even some floral appliques.

Headed to Happy Hour: Throw on that simple sweater with studded oversized shoulders. The piece which will have everyone at the bar asking, “Where did you get that?”

One thing I have learned is to not take everything so literal off the runway, because let’s be serious most of the pieces you wouldn’t normally catch your average person wearing. So, I like to interpret trends into my closet. I invest in key trend items- For example: The oversized padded blazer, the dress with heavy padded detailed work on the shoulders, or the simple sweater that’s eye catching. Lastly, boss ladies, if you can take one thing with you today: Remember to have fun with your dressing, try new things, take a risk and bet on yourself, someone will admire your sense of style, be inspired and smile. There is no greater accomplishment!

Till the next trend!


Posh Palma