Mi Mexico Lindo-CDMX

As promised to my Boss Ladies, a complete, fun, amazing and budget-friendly guide to Mexico City! Whether your debating where to go on any given weekend, taking into consideration weather, hotel stay, places to eat, entertainment, budget etc. Mexico City IT IS! I went for a quick 4-day, 3-night stay, and I stayed wanting MORE. If I could explain this city in one sentence it would be, NYC at its finest, less tall buildings of course, but richer in culture and history. Fulfilling breathtaking moments as I strolled through the streets of the Zocalo, Mercado’s, cathedrals, castles, museums, gardens, pueblos were among some of the reasons why CDMX is a must on your places to visit around the world.

See below how I jam packed my weekend, I was living the NYC minute in Mexico City, but it was SO worth it:

1st Night:

Drinks at La Ventanita Café in La Roma. Budget Friendly. Energy and Vibe was on point, it was a super casual place with locals. There was an incredible group of “Mariachi” outside which you could pay for a live one-on-one performance. Service and quality were above average.

More Drinks… Café Paraíso in La Roma. More of a bar, the place you go to if you want to hear music, mingle, meet locals, and truly enjoy a great night out. Drinks were authentic to Mexico and Tequila IT WAS!

Day 1:

Brunch in downtown Coyoacan at Avé Maria- It was the cutest little place, it seemed straight out of a post card as we say. There were two guys playing their instruments while everyone either opted for a buffet or the “a la carte” menu. The buffet had a great mix of authentic food and what we would say “continental breakfast” pancakes, omelettes, fruits etc. There was freshly squeezed juice bar- it was AHmazing! Service was above average, very attentive and detailed. Beautiful spot for pics.

Mercado en Coyoacan- It was small, but cute. There were multiple vendors setting up when I arrived, more low key. Did see great artisanal jewelry pieces, stones, and the actual designer present in their workspace, it was remarkable to support the locals.

Castillo de Chapultepec- This was located more in downtown Mexico City. It was a beautiful picturesque scene, a lovely walk up to the castle accompanied by lots of vendor carts with food, drinks, mariachi, souvenirs etc. Not sure if there was a tour guide offered, but I kind of went my way, we had a small group of 4 and we wanted to walk at our own pace, stop for pictures and really breath in all this nature. Astonished by the pieces collected in this castle, which is now a museum, and how well preserved everything is. I learned no one ever lived here! The view alone is ALL worth it. Great place for pictures with breathtaking views.

Zocalo- Everyone, I mean everyone I spoke to prior to my trip made sure to make it a point and express how I MUST go to the Zocalo. Its basically a giant open space with so much history, great restaurants, shops, scenery, hotels and the place where the president himself appears when he needs to direct himself to the country. Very busy, metro area. Great place for pics!

Palacio de Bellas Artes- This by far was my favorite building in all of Mexico City. We were able to grab coffee in a bakery called Don Porfirio, which was directly in front of el Palacio de Bellas Artes right when the sun was coming down, so imagine the view of the city, this historic building and the lighting- I have no words to express the beauty in this scene. It was the perfect ending to my day.

Day 2:

Mercado de Artesanias La Ciudadela- The largest Mercado I have visited ever!!!! Totally worth it, people were super friendly, very helpful, accommodating and just welcoming. Note: Bring Mexican pesos, you can negotiate easier! This place was like a large warehouse, with open areas as well, so much authenticity, artisanal, I wanted everything I touched. Great variety from home pieces (blankets, pillow covers, throws, to accessories (handbags, keychains, sunglasses, jewelry, toys, shoes, and the regular souvenir ideas. What made this place so special was the small hole in the wall food places in between your walk through the Mercado, it was so genius. If you think about it... it’s so smart. Why would you ever leave this place? Shopping, food and drinks its heaven! Definitely a repeat in my book. Pic worthy!

Trajineras en Xochimilco CDMX- This was the highlight of my trip, if I had to pick one crazy, fun, great, must experience. We rented a boat for our group- we were the smallest group in all of Xochimilco- you can bring your own food, drinks and music on this adventure. Within our group we had a birthday girl, so we even had a banner pre-made for her, it was perfect! The adventure was about 2.5 hours. It’s a 40min drive from the heart of downtown Mexico City. Very worthy of your time in CDMX. People were very genuine and happy to see tourists enjoying these traditions. Forgot to mention- There is also a little Mercado here too- lots of vendors. Lastly, gorgeous, hand made flower crowns available for purchase, super cute add-on to your pics!

Dinner at Azul Historico- This was our choice to splurge in terms of budget- Although it still wasn’t expensive compared to the US, but it was not your local taco stand. It was exquisite fine dining, had such a tasty ceviche with red wine. The service was excellent, people were very welcoming, attentive, detailed even to the placement of your napkin. I tried “Crickets” as an add-on to my Guacamole. It was priceless. This place is located inside a hotel, in the downtown area, small yet inviting.

Since this is my happy place, what better way to end my first travel post than with my very own key learnings- Sweet & Simple, something for my readers to take away.

Learn to let go: Enjoy every moment, let your day flow with what makes your heart happy, and if your having a moment, enjoy it to the max without thinking about where you need to be next. Because there’s nothing more powerful in this universe than those seconds where you feel you can “conquer the world”

Travel with people on your frequency: When you’re on a trip, you need people around you whom are always happy, super energized and down for anything. It makes your experience that much more worth it.

Open your heart to a world of different possibilities: Remember you are in another country, so adaptability is KEY- You will experience different foods, people, culture, traditions, be respectful and involve yourself- it makes you a much better person. Diversity is a blessing.

Mexico City treated me wonderful, the people were so proud of their heritage, their culture, where they are today and conserving all this just truly is remarkable. A detail to admire.

¡Hasta luego, Mi México Lindo!


Posh Palma