Raising the Glass to my fellow JEFAS!

Updated: Mar 14

In commemoration of Women’s History Month, I wanted to dedicate a curated blog by yours truly on how we can support our fellow JEFAS!

When I joined @LasComadres in October of 2019, I learned the true meaning behind “Community.” This group of women introduced themselves to me, opened up their homes to me, made time in their busy schedules to personally meet with me, introduced me to potential clients, mentored me, and I mean the list goes on and on. I have never felt so great to belong to such a supportive sisterhood community based on true and genuine love. Anything that is built and constructed from true love is bound to be successful.

I have developed such an amazing support system that holds me accountable on a daily basis; I am truly blessed, and forever grateful.

Below are a few ways I believe we can support all of our women-led businesses, women in corporate positions and Mommy’s:

Lend a Listening Ear:

Sometimes all we need is for someone to let us vent and just listen to how we are feeling whether good or bad. I know we tend to hear and not listen. Take the time to take yourself out of the equation and just support the current intentions of your fellow JEFA!

Share the Network:

One of our qualities as a JEFA is to listen to the women-community and share our contacts, make those initial connections that could lead to the next big move for us. When you assist in allowing others to succeed you will shine without even trying. Remember this needs to be done genuinely from the heart and out of love as I mentioned earlier.

Promote and Support:

Whether it’s through social media, attending events, collaborating, etc. always be present when possible or allow yourself to be felt even without your physical presence for our JEFAS!

There are many more, but I wanted to give the ones I believe have felt to be extremely important throughout my journey.

Honestly, as women, no one can do it better than US! We hold the power within, some of us just take longer to unleash, but we all have it in us. Allow yourself as the true JEFA you are to support our sisters and continue to build together because together we are stronger!