There is something significantly rewarding about closing off a decade on a high note while taking in and reflecting on your journey.

My word for 2019 has been “Tough.”

I have a few days going back and forth with the idea of how can I best express 2019 without getting too personal, and the truth of the matter is that it wasn’t connecting with me because I need to be personal, this is my space to be true, to let go and to flow with you #bossladies.

I started 2019 in Tampa, where I use to reside. I had an ok job in my field with a company that I no longer felt I represented proudly. By April I had the opportunity to leave and take some time to reflect, time for me to really think about my next move, time to pause my career and time to dedicate to my babies. I always knew in my heart Miami was my home!

Miami was where I wanted to live and run my empire. Never in a million years did I think it would happen this soon, I thought I would raise my kids in Tampa and later move down to Miami. But within a few weeks, I sold our first home, packed it up and stored it away while I went to the Dominican Republic to soak it all in and spend quality time with family and loved ones. From the Dominican Republic, I went to Rhode Island, where I was born and raised and spent the summer with my dad and kids. Where I later had more intense reflections to consider.

At this point, I had a few months suffering internally with what I call the first “hiccup” moment in my marriage.

My husband and I in 2020 will have reached our first decade together of pure blissful happiness! So to me, this was by far the most devastating thing that could’ve happened to me. I paused my life, my career, my dreams, my passion, my everything to focus and nurture my marriage. I sought key people in my life, including therapy to help me clarify our path together and more importantly help us strengthen individually and as a couple.

My husband and I stand for key pillars in our relationship, and one thing we were clear of was the “force of love” and ours was strong as a rock.

This feeling was what kept me going, which kept a part of me enlightened to keep fighting for us. But I can't stress enough how scared I was, how many sleepless nights I had, countless nights where I fell asleep crying. I held close to God and the part of me that believed in my marriage kept me alive. This is the reason why I chose the word “tough” for 2019, this hit me hard. As we went through this together not once did I see my husband giving up on “us.”

In mid-July, we moved to Miami, the city of our dreams! We found the most amazing space for our beautiful family, the kids were set up in schools that reflected exactly what we stand for. We have started to build a family with other parents and friends. I started a freelance opportunity in Marketing in the Latin American market, just what I needed to reinforce my skills and develop another area of expertise.

Miami was always my dream destination, the place I wanted to call home, but I knew I’d come here to “hustle” to reach every single one of my dreams and slay!

So I started calling into the Universe an entrepreneurial community, some inner circle group of like-minded women where I could build a network, and just like that within a few short weeks, I found Las Comadres. I will eternally be grateful to Gaby Guzman and her community, a place where I was given the opportunity to be me, to network, to be tested at all levels but in a good way, to be supported and to be held accountable.

I can scream it loud and clear as we enter 2020- My relationship is stronger than its ever been, my bond with my husband is like no other, he is my rock, he is my partner in crime, my #1 cheerleader, my model, my financial guru, my King!

I learned that we must go through tough times in life, it’s what makes us stronger, what helps us appreciate one another more and really it feels darn good to overcome it and feel empowered!

In terms of my career, it freaks me out to say this because I have read some books (Thanks to my King) about self-empowerment and the power of the Universe and I swear it works, but I have reached a point between scary and good. I am currently vicariously living moments where doors are opening, opportunities are arising, partnerships are cooking up and collaborations are developing.

For 2020, I am proud to say I will become a JEFA- a CEO of my own life.

Dreams I thought were far off are becoming more of a close reality. You know when people say it's scary to jump and bet on yourself, but it's because of that same scary feeling that you must do it because it’s the right thing to do.

This is my year, the year I commit myself to the daily pursuit of ultimate happiness, from day one my book of direction and opportunity will commence.

I invite you to live my journey throughout my hand-written chapters!


Posh Palma