It’s been a while since I took some time to write from the heart and keep you Jefa’s updated on my whereabouts. Currently, my mind, body, and soul are breathing, eating, and living Posh Palma Styles. It’s surreal to wake up every day and be living this countdown until Launch Date, which by the way is June 5th!!!

We are very excited to be sharing our dream within our community, something that was born out of love, straight from the heart.

On the other hand, the reason I was inspired to write it out was that I wanted to share with you guys exactly what it is that I do to let go and energize on a daily basis.

First, let me share a bit of the crude reality, which is that every day is not the same, every day I wake up and think “How will I survive today?” “Is this over?” “Will I have 300 tantrums between both kids drive me overboard?” “Can I be more patient with this distance learning?” BUT, I do wake up and take these steps throughout the day to help me soothe, let go and revamp my energy:

  1. Meditate - I am still learning and getting the hang of it, but I do know that even 5 minutes of silence and focusing on my breathing can help let go of any stress and anxiety. I frequently use headspace - an app that offers guided mediation and a number of helpful resources! Check them out Jefa.

  2. Give Thanks and Be Grateful - Pick up that favorite journal and write however many things you are grateful for that morning. I don’t like to put a number so we don't feel pressured, open your heart and let it flow.

  3. Exercise or Perform any Physical activity - It is proven that when we workout and sweat we release certain endorphins that energize our soul- so let's be proactive and practice this daily, even 30 minutes a day can be influential.

  4. Nature Walk - During your day, whether you have kids or not, take a 30 min walk, breathe fresh air, take in those rays of sunlight that brightens your day, and see just how beautiful nature is!

  5. Educate the mind - This is another one I battle with, but it makes me feel so good when I read even if it's one page, remember you are nurturing the mind, keeping it open and feeding it information for you to grow whether it's personal or for your career. I like to read at night, before bed, because it relaxes me, and sort of puts me to sleep, in a good way.

  6. Cat Naps - If you have 10-15min within your day to close your eyes, let go and shut down for those few minutes trust me, this is an instant energy booster.

  7. Practice Creativity - This can be translated in so many ways- think creativity in the kitchen with your meals, playing with fun outfits within your wardrobe, practicing art with your kids or on your own, creating an inspiration mood board based on your passion, etc. It allows you to forget about the current moment and focus on the moment.

  8. Play those Tunes - There is just something about music that I feel in my bones, literally. When I feel the vibes from my favorite jams, I sing, and I even get goosebumps, and those seconds that I feel at the top of the world are KEY to success and knowing I can run the world!!! BTW Posh Palma Styles has created an everyday MOOD playlist. Check it out here.

I hope even to touch one soul, if one Jefa alone is moved and decides to adapt some of these steps, experiences moments of happiness within their day, then all of this is well worth it. I know we are all different, and that's the beauty of the world, we all manage situations with different mindsets, but if we all release and revamp it can be the spark of magic needed to uplift our lives!

Con mucho Amor,

Posh Palma