Crazy to even think that we are nearly closing off the first month of the new decade! I wanted to give you all a quick snapshot of Statement Saturdays, and just get a feel for what we put out there, how we styled it, what were our favorite pieces?

Statement pieces are fundamental when it comes to completing a look, they can even go as far as actually “making” the look. Often times we don’t have the time to make it out for fresh new head-to-toe looks or the budget, yet throughout the month of January I showed you #bossladies how adding only one key statement piece could elevate your look.

Below are a few examples of statement pieces which could enhance your day and/or night looks:

  • Earrings

  • Necklaces

  • Handbags

  • Shoes

  • Scarf

  • Headbands

  • Hair Pieces

  • Bracelets

  • Belts

  • Sunglasses

When you find yourself debating over an outfit, remember its much easier to add an eye-catching element to really make it pop.

Here are a few tips on working with statement pieces:

  • Make the Statement Piece the highlight- Don’t over-do your look with excess head-to-toe craziness. Take in and appreciate the statement piece, let it shine on its own by wearing muted tones, more subtle looks with minimal to no detail.

  • Oh, the Little Details- Make sure that your statement piece of choice depending on the outfit is key and will truly make your outfit come to life. For example, one of my favorite statement pieces is my cactus bag by Betsey Johnson, it’s fun, flirty and bedazzled. I am guaranteed to be stopped every time I wear this. Keep in mind to appreciate the detail, you must choose a piece to compliment your look and that it relates to your style, which makes you more confident.

  • Don’t go Overboard- Be mindful when you are styling your outfits. If you have a key statement piece that competes with another, you should stick to one. For my cactus bag, I pair jean shorts, a classic tank and my bag, which adds the element needed to elevate my look without making me look as if I am trying too hard.

Our overall look is a reflection of who we are, it connects us to the world by appearance and I believe it is one powerful tool if used correctly.

We should wake up in the morning and always own up, dress up, and show up as the true #bosslady we are. With that said, our statement pieces are the highlight of our story, let it compliment us and empower without words!

Stay tuned for February’s #trendsxposhpalma


Posh Palma