Between keeping up on IG, FB, YouTube, Fashion & Trade Publications, Retail spaces, and all digital platforms, one thing is clear as a diamond:

2020 is leaving no one behind the scenes, this is the year for our BOLD, BRAVE, COURAGEOUS and DARING #bossladies.

I am happy to announce I will be starting “Trend Circle” a fashion series for 2020 educating all of us on the trends that are here to stay throughout the year. I want you to think of “story time” or “circle time” when I refer to a trend circle, a concept where a group of us come together in a warm, comfortable atmosphere ready to share ideas, opinions, and suggestions based on style.

I don’t always stick to all the trends, but I like to keep myself and my #bossladies up to date on what’s going on in the fashion scene and how we can translate it to everyone’s individual style.

For my first episode of “Trend Circle” I want to discuss the “POWER SUIT”- it’s here to stay throughout 2020 in endless variations. I mean every which way you can think about it- the suit is no longer your typical office attire. Think oversized suit with sneakers, a tailored suit with pumps, a skirt suit with cute flats, bright, printed, double-breasted, flannel, collarless, padded shoulders, oversized sleeves, I mean every iteration you can imagine, there is a wide array of options, all depends on your personal style.








Remember as Posh Palma always expresses your sense of style reflects from inside out, but most importantly it’s about having fun with it. Your fashion sense can grow at its own pace, your comfort levels will guide you outside of your comfort zone, and you will be ready to conquer the world in your respective industries!

Stay tuned for episode 2! I invite each and every one of you to take pics, hashtag #2020TRENDSXPOSHPALMA so I can feature you on my IG!


Posh Palma