Trusting the Process

Updated: Feb 8

As I sit and soak in this first week of my official launch as an entrepreneur, it’s surreal!

First, I want to take a deep breath while I take this all in. I invite you as I take it back to my roots a little for you guys to understand a bit of where I come from.

I was raised by my daddy, for those of you who know me, he is my idol, my mentor, my partner in crime, my hero and the man who solely wants the absolute best for me.

My dad went to school to be an Accountant, he was offered at that time a very high paying corporate job in which he lasted a week. He proceeded to rent a cubicle and launch himself and his company, starting with income taxes. 30+ years later, my dad is a very successful individual, who has taught me the most important lesson in life, to follow what I love, and be the best at it.  

Fast forward to the woman I have become today. I graduated college 10 years ago doing what I love, Fashion Merchandising Management from the best school out of New York City, The Fashion Institute of Technology. I worked and dedicated 10 years post-graduation to the corporate world, where I have learned from merchandising, buying, marketing, and event planning to public relations.

During my recent move to Miami, I decided to believe and feel that the universe chose me to live in this vibrant city full of life and energy to pursue what I love and be the best at it. I joined a community full of wonderful women who juggle multiple projects, hustles, family- yet they decide to show up, support and empower one another. This has been a work in progress, I always knew I couldn’t dedicate my talent all my life to someone else’s success story, I was ready to write my own. I gathered all the tools and resources I currently have, made sure I geared myself with a dope ass support system and I took a leap of faith on me!

It’s crazy because I have never felt so sure of something like I do today.

I never understood why people would say, “make sure you have a plan b” or “you have something to fall back on”- Why would I even think about a negative window when it comes to doing what I love. If I put out to the universe in high frequency with all the great energy in the world that this is what I want, and I am determined to work day in and day out to build my fashion powerhouse, then it will be.

I might not have the exact day or way that I will achieve it, but I do feel in my heart that it will be big, and very big!

I leave you all with a few key learning’s that have guided me throughout this process:

1- Don’t fear to reach out: Use your network, and believe in yourself. The worst is to feel regret later for not having tried your hardest to achieve the success we are all looking for.

2- Balance: Now that I am making my own schedule, I want to make sure I divide and conquer. Keeping in mind that because I am doing a lot, doesn’t always mean I am getting a lot more done. I need to be smart about the connections and projects I take on, without overloading myself. Focus on you and listen to your body.

3- Trust in the process: One of my words for 2020, trust! As I mentioned earlier, I know I was placed in Miami to be known for what I love, to build a fashion powerhouse, I just am unclear of the process, but I am learning to work hard and trust the process while letting it flow. The right doors will open when I am ready.

4- Keep a clear mission statement: Know exactly what it is you, love, create a mission statement, show it to the world and hold on tight to it. Not every day will be beautiful and prosperous, but if you hold tight to this as little as it may seem, it will help you stay strong. I want to express to you #bossladies out there how excited I am, at the same time I am a bit scared, but it’s a good scared, I am being challenged on a daily basis. My mind plays games with me, but I am learning to take control and have discipline and consistency to follow through with my dreams!

Follow me in my journey, remember I launched my specialized packages earlier this week, I would love to hear your thoughts and if you or anyone you know needs some style direction, hire Posh Palma to your fashion rescue “in high heels of course.”